A few years ago, finding somewhere to charge your electric car could be a nightmare if you were far away from the comfort of your own personal charging station.  

As a result, most early adopters carried around a set of charging cables in their car to charge from whatever power they could find. 

Even today, with public charging stations becoming more commonplace, the need to charge an electric car sometimes results in some...err... unconventional practices. 

Take this Fisker Karma owner for example, who thought nothing of dropping an extension cable from a second-floor balcony so they could charge his or her luxury sports car overnight. 

Or how about this Tesla Roadster owner, who managed to sneak a charge at the Denver International Airport parking lot while they were away on a trip?

Cable Out Of Window

Cable Out Of Window

Officially, automakers like Nissan and General Motors advise against using extension cords or modified/unofficial charging stations, but most electric car owners we know use a modified charging station or an extension cord once in a while. 

In over five years of plug-in car ownership, this author has seen -- and practiced -- some extreme ways of getting power from an outlet outside to charge an electric car, but we’d like to know how far you’d go.

Perhaps you’ve dangled a cable through a tree to avoid tripping up pedestrians, or borrowed a high-power outlet at a restaurant to charge while you eat. 

Or perhaps you’ve seen someone else employ an extreme charging method, like combining two 110-volt power sources to create 240-volt power.

Let us know in the Comments below, along with any photographic evidence you have (be sure to put a link to the photo in your comment). We’ll choose the best ones and list them in a future post!


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