What got us all charged up in the world of green automotive news this week?

Well, a Tesla Model S caught fire after hitting a piece of metal road debris, and we took a look at what actually happened.

We spent some time driving the new 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid, and while we can't tell you anything about how it drives yet, we can tell you it's rated at 47 mpg combined. Oh, and it'll go on sale October 31 with a base price of $29,945.

Now that we are into October, we took a look at plug-in electric car sales in September. Spoiler alert: August had better numbers.

Meanwhile, the father of the Toyota Prius stressed that hybrids are more important to Toyota than electric cars (shocking, seeing as it doesn't really have an electric car), and the Tesla Model S was named the best-selling car in Norway for September.

We can't forget about us taking a look at the gas tax, and how it's been unchanged for nearly 20 years.

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