Detroit Electric's first sports car will be a little less Detroit than first intended, it seems.

The company has announced that the first of its SP:01 electric sports cars will be built not in Southeast Michigan, but in a factory in Holland, owing to delays in its plans to start production in Wayne County.

The Detroit News reports the company remains committed to building cars in Michigan, and American production is still part of the company's plans.

While there have been some delays in our plan to start production in Detroit, many vehicle programs experience some form of delay,” said Detroit Electric CEO Albert Lam, in a statement.

That American production hinges on the company obtaining Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard Certification. Production was due to begin at a facility in Wayne County last month, but as yet the company has still not finalized a deal on the factory. Similar delays had already pushed production back by "at least a month".

There is no further word on whether that deal has moved any closer, but Dutch production should at least allow the company to get its $135,000, 155 mph electric sports cars onto the market in the short term.

Detroit Electric aims to sell 999 of its SP:01, with other vehicles to follow--if all goes well, of course. At least Detroit Electric will have company in the Netherlands--Tesla Motors has chosen the country to be its European base.


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