We love data.

And we love simple but informative graphic presentations of complex data even more.

Which leads us to today's infographic, a presentation of the sources and activities that produce greenhouse gases as a result of human activity.

Inspired by an earlier similar graphic from 2005, the infographic was put together for ASN Bank and Dutch energy consultant Ecofys.


The chart is broken down into Sources, Sectors, and Greenhouse Gases, using data from 2010 (sourced at the bottom).

At the left, the chart shows the sources of the greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere, breaking it down into fossil fuels--coal (25 percent), oil (19 percent), and natural gas (21 percent)--and direct emissions, which includes things like landfills and animal flatulence (35 percent).

Then it shows the various activities and locations that produce the gases from those sources--including industry, buildings, transportation, agriculture, energy supply, and land-use change.

The transportation sector, by the way, is responsible for about 15 percent of overall global greenhouse-gas emissions.

Finally, the gases themselves are shown as the result of those sources and processes. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is 76 percent of the total, but methane (CH4) represents 15 percent as well.

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Have a look at the full diagram and think about which activities you participate in.

Do you ever consider the greenhouse-gas impact of your activities and your daily life?

For instance, even if you drive a vehicle with high fuel efficiency (or a zero-emission vehicle), what industry do you work in? How big is your home? How much do you fly?

None of it's simple, is it?

Leave us your thoughts on the infographic in the Comments below.

[hat tip: Wink Cleary]


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