If you do much in the way of driving, you’ll have probably noticed that your weekly fuel bill has been creeping ever higher over the last few months. 

A combination of factors, from the political uncertainty in the Middle East through to the closing of oil refineries in the U.S. and Europe, have caused gas prices to soar above $4 a gallon in many areas. 

In California, we’ve already seen gas prices push $4.79 for a gallon of Premium, while even Regular is well above the $4.50 mark.

With analysts predicting that the national average gas price per gallon will peak around Memorial Day at a shocking $4 or more per gallon, things aren’t set to get better for some time. 

We regularly cover stories about gas prices -- and have even examined which cities spend the most on gasoline -- but now it’s your turn to tell us how much it costs to fill up. 

Gas pump

Gas pump

After a few weeks, we’re going to use your reports to figure out where we think the cheapest and most expensive places in the U.S. are to buy gasoline.

To take part, tell us how much it costs you on average to fill up in your local area, along with how the rising gas price is affecting you. 

Or perhaps you live in an area where gas is still well below the $4 mark? Tell us why you think your local gas prices have stayed so low.

Let us know in the Comments below, and be sure to tell us the county and state you live in to help us with our mapping process.   We’d also love to hear from people from outside the U.S., although we won’t be including that data in our survey.


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