Imagine this situation: You’re a fan of Nissan’s all-electric 2011 Leaf and you’ve put your name down on the waiting list to get one just as soon as it starts to be delivered in your area.

But instead of getting an email telling you when you can visit your local dealer to finalize your order, you get an email offering you a discount on a new gasoline Nissan because, well, there aren't enough cars to go around and you might be in for a very long wait.

That’s exactly what happened to hundreds of Nissan Leaf fans in Canada after Nissan North America allocated just 40 leafs to Canada for the 2011 model year and a misery 600 for the 2012  model year. 

The problem? Over 15,000 Canadians have expressed an interest in the Leaf so far -- and with the waiting list for the 600, 2012 Leafs opening this month, Nissan just can’t wait for the money from all those delayed Leaf sales  can't bear to see its customers stranded without a new car. 

The solution? Send people on the Leaf waiting list the opportunity to buy a discounted gasoline-powered Nissan, giving up to $5,500 VPP Discount on the 2011 Nissan Armada.

As Autobloggreen’s Eric Loveday points out, that particular Nissan isn’t exactly the most fuel-efficient of vehicles, getting a shockingly un-green 12 mpg in the city and 18 mpg on the highway. 

And the discounts offered? That’s mysteriously a little more than the Federal tax rebate offered on electric cars at the present time -- just without any of the benefits of going electric. 

We’re not sure just how many prospective Leaf owners are tempted by the offer, but we’re disappointed that Nissan isn’t addressing the shortage of Leafs allocated to the Canadian market instead. 

Would you buy a gasoline car if it meant that you didn’t have to wait for an electric one? 

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