Diesel cars in America have a reputation for being smelly, slow and loud…mostly this was perpetuated by the late ‘70s and ‘80s Mercedes diesels. The stereotype isn’t wrong, the diesels of the past put out a lot of soot and you tended to need ear plugs to drive them long distances. Okay, so they weren’t that bad, but the technology has come a long way with the advent of clean diesels and quiet fuel rail technology. BMW sought reach millions of American viewers with their 2011 BMW 3-Series diesel commercial during the first half of Super Bowl XLV.

The commercial opens with cars and trucks that are dumping black exhaust out the back while having trouble getting going. Then the 2011 BMW 335d enters the commercial in a brilliant blue. It certainly makes a statement compared to the surrounding diesels of the ‘80s and it shows a sportier side with the paddle shifters, signature BMW rims and classic bodylines. In the 30-second ad spot they don’t have time to tell you about the fuel economy, clean diesel (read no black smoke) or quiet operation due to advanced fuel rail technology. But to be honest, sex sells and the blue metallic BMW is really all you need to see to be convinced that maybe you should take another look at diesels—at least from BMW. 

Of course there is the additional surcharge for the diesel engine, but that is a story for another time. Be sure to check out the commercial below.


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