As we get closer to our current articles we though we would combine the last couple of articles as we make our way to New Years—the east coast sooner than others in the U.S. September and October saw articles on the New IBE Concept in Paris, a report on the L.A. Harbor reducing tolls for zero-emissions cars, marketing changes at MINI and BMW and action packed videos from Nissan starring the Nissan Juke. However, we have some special articles as the top picks for September and October 2010. They do have a recurring electric them though!

For September, we choose our report on: Electric Cars Benefit Reducing Oil Dependency More Than Public Policy. This pick really highlights how the electrification of automobiles is changing not only how one might drive, but also how public policy is decided. The study conducted by Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy found some interesting conclusions that could almost double the reduction of dependency on foreign oil. It is a subject worth a read and worth being our top article for September 2010.

For October, we went for a similar but slightly different subject as the top article for the month. Let’s call it a variation on a theme. The article, The Electric Car Revolution: Will Consumers Make the Change, asks the question as to whether consumers will change their habits in order to drive a electric vehicle. Of course, there is also another complication for the consumer—many different configurations of electric technology. The technology ranges from hybrids to plug-in hybrids (of which there are different drive technologies) and then full-electric vehicles. Each one has their pluses and minuses. Check out the article for our commentary on the state of the consumer adaptation rate.


Be sure to check out the rest of the count down to 2011 as we keep rolling towards New Year’s Eve! Missed the earlier articles check them out in our most recent blog section.