Electric car start-up Tesla Motors currently only sells one model, the high-performance--and high-pricetag--Roadster, but the company is currently working on a new sedan model dubbed the Model S that’s due to hit the streets in mid-2012 with a base price around the $57,400 mark. However, to really cut it as a major automaker Tesla will eventually need a full lineup of models, something we got a preview of in the company’s IPO presentation revealed back in June.

Tesla is now moving closer to achieving its goal of becoming a full line automaker with the opening of its factory late last month and word that the next model after the Model S will be a new electric SUV dubbed the Model X.  

The information was revealed by Tesla CEO Elon Musk who also stated that a prototype version of the Model X could be revealed by the end of next year before production starts sometime in 2014.

Beyond that Tesla is expected to launch a new convertible, likely to be the second generation of the current Roadster, as well as a compact commercial van.

In addition to the new vehicles, Tesla will also continue selling itself to potential investors as the leader in the electric vehicle market. The company's powertrain agreements with Daimler and Freightliner do show industry confidence in Tesla's hardware, as does Toyota's investment in the company and soon Panasonic as well, the latter signing up over a battery deal. Whether that confidence is justified remains to be seen, however.

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