2011 Porsche Boxster Spyder

2011 Porsche Boxster Spyder

Electricity and high-performance cars may or may not mix, depending on your frame of reference, but whether you're a Tesla fan or a Formula 1 devotee, it's easy to agree that a hybrid or all-electric Porsche would be a welcome creation for sports car and EV fans alike.

Though we’ve seen several hybrid Porsches already, both production and concept, we now have the first official confirmation that the sports car manufacturer is working on an all-electric vehicle. The aim, according to Porsche, is to combine greater efficiency with even lower fuel consumption and emissions--with the ultimate goal being no emissions at all.

Porsche has already built three research vehicles based on the entry-level Boxster, all of them with electric drivetrains. In a test process, these three electric Boxsters are to provide data on new electric drive components and battery systems for all-electric vehicle drive. A field test will also be conducted to provide further data on the infrastructure required for EVs, user behavior and the demands made of future products. These tests are to start next year.

Along with today’s announcement, CEO Michael Macht also revealed that the automaker will eventually offer an electric sports car for sale but only if it “offers product qualities typical of a Porsche”.

But don't let your mouth start watering with dreams of unlimited torque, instant response, four-wheel motors and continuous traction control--all marshaled with Porsche finesse and handling--just yet. Any production model won’t be arriving anytime soon.