Introduced as a Europe-only model in 1999, the A2 was remarkable for its revolutionary use of weight-saving aluminum and its focus on efficiency; a diesel variant was the first five-door vehicle in Europe to achieve an average mileage of less than 3 litres per 100 km (approximately 80 mpg).   But thanks perhaps to its unusual styling and what some felt was uninspiring performance, the A2 was not remarkable for sales, and was finally discontinued in 2004 with under 175,000 units sold.

Now Audi, in keeping with its recent public movement in the direction of EV development, has announced that a new e-tron version of the A2 will be introduced for the 2014 model year.  In terms of size, the A2 is a sort of micro minivan, sometimes known as a super-mini, which falls between  Audi's A3 compact car and the recently unveiled A1 subcompact.  At an amazingly svelte 1,950 lbs. complete(2002 model year), it must have seemed like the perfect platform for electric drive.

It's not yet clear whether the car will be using an all-electric system like that developed for the limited production e-tron supercar, or something like the EREV system (also labeled e-tron) just unveiled in an A1 concept car at the Geneva auto show, nor is it known when and if the car will become available in the United States.

[SOURCE: gas 2.0, TheGermanCarBlog  ]