On this site, general consensus shows that many readers do like the Nissan Leaf.  By most accounts, readers feel that the vehicle will be priced well, offer adequate performance, and be a sales success.  However, this is a site dedicated to electric vehicle and as such, our readers have developed a fondness to this type of vehicle.

Now if you turn to widely read, national publications such as Forbes magazine, the outlook is radically different.  According to Jerry Flint of Forbes, "The Leaf is more likely to be a sales failure than a sales success."  Flint backs his assumption with several key points including a lack of range in comparison to gasoline powered vehicles, a low top speed, high cost, and that refueling takes forever.  You can read more of Flint's though by clicking here.

What is apparent in the words of Flint is an oversight on many of the points mentioned.  For example, the Leaf hits 90 mph, more than adequate for most of the nation.  The Leaf travels 100 miles on a charge, enough for 95% of U.S. drivers.  The Leaf is anticipated to sell for around $30,000, a number in line with comparable vehicles.  Granted, Flint is right, an EV does take a long time to refuel.

We could go out on a limb here and say that the Leaf will be a sales success, but this is untested waters.  We wish Nissan luck with the Leaf and hope that it will be a breakthrough electric vehicle.

Source:  Forbes