Ohio based Myers Motors introduced it's Duo (formerly NMG) electric runabout in September, and is already taking pre-orders.  Final pricing will depend on the number of orders Received by June 5, 2010, with a worst case price of $29,995.00.  The company is saying that for every 200 pre-ordered vehicles, volume discounts on components will allow the price per unit (to all customers) to drop $1000.00.  Myers is hoping for 1000 deposits on the snappy little three-wheeler, which would combine with the federal tax credit of $2,499.oo to give an actual cost of $22,500.00.

The base vehicle ships with a 60-mile lithium-ion pack (75 mph top speed) but 80-mile and 100-mile packs will  be available as additional-cost options for $2,500 and $5,000 respectively.