The latest production prototype 2011 Chevrolet Volt  features these unusual door panels -A sort of screen-printed psychedelic motif depicting vaguely science-ey,  geometric forms swooping along on curved lines of force (no doubt the winds of change).

According to chief Volt engineer,  Andrew Farah, Chevrolet will be offering several optional designs, all in the same tasteful (and machine evoking) palette of silver, gray and white.

These inserts are projected to be available for the front doors only and in their current form are made of a hard, glossy plastic that the test-driver from Green Car Advisor found to be unappealing, although generally approving of the graphic itself.

Apparently, Chevrolet,  a champion of the Plug-in-electric-vehicles-should-look-pretty-much -like ordinary-vehicles-or-people-will-be-scared-away design philosophy is hedging it's bets a little by adding some subtle clues that this vehicle is a little different.

Of course, this kind of clue is so discreet you'd probably only notice it after having already bought the car, anyway.

[SOURCE:Green Car Advisor]