Wannabee U.S. Military contractor TAC-V amazed the SEMA show Wednesday by unveiling the world's only hybrid-electric, armor-ready, four occupant, triple-machine gun mounting,  off-road, recon vehicle that’s capable of being transported inside the vertical-takeoff-and-landing V-22 Osprey airplane.

With it's diesel/electric hybrid, the JAMMA (Joint All-Terrain Modular Mobility Asset) makes 398lb/ft of torque at just 1,800 RPM and can travel up to 450 miles over rough ground at 21 MPG.   It's also capable of exporting up to 23 Kw of power to the electronic equipment (a big deal in the military, where auxiliary equipment is more likely to mean a roof-mounted radar or satellite up-link than an aftermarket Blaupunkt).

You might think the curiously narrow proportions of the truck are to reduce weight and maximize hybrid efficiency, or to allow it to squeeze into the Osprey, but if so, think again, nerd!  This baby is built narrow so that the machine guns can better cover a full 360 degree field-of-fire.  Now that's efficient!

[SOURCE:Jalopnik, CarDomain]