Zero Motorcycles has announced its launch of a fleet-sales program aimed at government bodies, corporations, non-profits, and any other business owners who are looking to make multiple unit purchases. The program began November 2nd, with pricing based on volume and support requirements.

Zero will make its full line available (that is to say, four models) to bulk buyers for either fleet or rental purposes. “The fleet sales program ...will allow for groups to use Zero electric motorcycles for functions ranging from basic recreation to government security,”  explained John Lloyd, Vice President of Worldwide Sales for Zero.

While the thought of legions of cops zooming around on completely silent stealth bikes may conjure up black-helicopter paranoia in some, we should note that given their speed limitations (55 mph max) the friendly-looking and emissions-free little machines are a lot more suitable for patrolling public parks in a non-threatening manner than high-speed chase duty.

[Source: Asphalt&Rubber]