With the leading vehicles just passing the halfway point in the 3000 km World Solar Challenge, the Tokai University(Japan) Challenger leads the pack followed closely by the University of Michigan(U.S.) Infinium  and former world champion, the Delft Technical University(Netherlands) Nuna V.

See the race graphically in real-time here.

The Tokai Challenger took first-place at the South African Solar Car Challenge 2008, while the Delft Technical University team has won the World Solar Challenge four times with its Nuna series of racers.

The World Solar Challenge is a biennial event in which teams, mostly university or corporation sponsored, enter the most efficient solar-powered vehicles in the world and race from coast to coast across the Australian outback.  The race has been held since 1987 and has grown to such an extent that it has evolved into an arm of the broader Global Green Challenge, which runs concurrently and includes various classes  of hybrid, electric, solar, low emission, and alternative energy vehicles.