Audi 100th Anniversary book giveaway

Audi 100th Anniversary book giveaway

High Gear Media's the only place on the Web, where you can write about cars alongside the pros. This week, we're kicking off a new contest to get you to join the growing number of gearheads posting blogs, reviews and pics of their favorite machines--and this time we're hooking the best writers up with great Audi swag.

In case you missed it, last month's HGM new-writer award Vince Burlapp won an iPod Touch for posts that appear now on the High Gear Media network of sites.

Now it’s your turn to beat Vince at his own game. This month, if you write and post to High Gear Media's network, you could win this collector's edition “100 Years of Audi” box set. It's for the hardcore crowd: there's a full media kit for Audi's 100th anniversary, four volumes of Audi history, photo CDs and more. Seriously? It's like the Led Zeppelin box sets, minus the faint whiff of Robert Plant's hair products.

All you have to do is tell us what you know, what you think and what you want in cars. You can write a review of your car; show us a cool car you saw on the road; tell us how your last car-shopping experience went, whether it was a horror show or a Saturn-style lovefest. And it's easy to do.

Here's how you win--and how you can write for AllSmallCars, LexusReports, or even our expert-written sites like GreenCarReports, CelebsandCars, MotorAuthority or, yep, TheCarConnection:

1) Get signed up. Steer over to our High Gear Media pages and you'll get login information. For ease of use, you can even use your Facebook login to become part of our car cult.

2) Write your story, and add some photos. The blog software we've written for you is super-easy to navigate. If you've sent an email, you'll think this is even simpler.

3) Post your stories from now through September 9. Then, we'll choose a winner from all the folks who were published on our group of 39 sites. All you have to do to submit those articles and get published; the more articles you submit that get published during the week, the MORE chances you have to win.

All article submissions will be moderated for overall quality.  When an article is published, you’ll get an email telling you where it's been published--and you'll be entered in the contest.

What kind of articles are we looking for? Again, we want to hear about your car experiences. You can:

- Write a review of a car you own or an article about how you decided what car to buy;
- Give us your take on a new or coming model;
- Compare two cars and give pros and cons;
- Write a “How to” or “Tip” article that relates to cars. Example: “How to Find the Best Truck”;
- Create lists. Example: “The Five Worst Cars for Families”;
- Highlight or analyze recent car related news

Stay tuned--we'll announce winners next week, and let you know what we have in store for you next from the High Gear Media network.