Lo and behold, the New York Times got it right. Four days ago, we highlighted a story in the Times about an all-electric Volvo C30 hatchback. Today, Autocar has confirmed that the Swedish automaker is indeed working on a drivable electric C30 for its Innovation for Life event, which will take place after the Frankfurt Auto Show in September.

Volvo has no immediate plans for a production version of the electric C30, but they're leaving the door open for future consideration. According to Autocar's source, the zero-emissions hatch, "...is an evaluation concept. It’s being worked on and is part of an ongoing evaluation and we will make a decision in the future."

Deciding to produce the vehicle would go hand in hand with Volvo's commitment to make diesel plug-in hybrid V70 wagons by 2012. They already have a relationship with American battery maker, Ener1. Could a rousing reception at next month's unveiling convince Volvo to forge ahead?

Source: Autocar