iPod Touch

iPod Touch

You're a car enthusiast with some car-shopping smarts, right? It's time to show off a little.

As many of you know, we’ve gone and opened up the High Gear Media universe so that anyone can write articles about cars and become a published blogger, on one of our 38 content sites. It's a new way for you to take advantage of our expert content and resources to let people know what YOU think about the latest cars, trucks and crossovers with an earth-friendly bent. And to get published alongside our High Gear Media pros.

Today, we’re kicking off a two-week-long contest where we give away an iPod Touch to show off our new technology.

Write for us? Here’s how it works: First, check in our blog platform at our openCMS sign-up page. It takes about 15 seconds; you'll get an activation email that lets you stay signed in through Facebook Connect, or to sign in each time you write about cars.

Then, write for us. Show off what you know about cars, or give an opinion on some of the latest vehicles you've seen or driven.

What kind of articles are we looking for? Here are some tips:

  • Write a review of a car you own, or an article about how you decided which car to buy
  • Give us your take on a new or coming model
  • Compare two cars and give pros and cons
  • Write a “How to” or “Tip” article that relates to cars: “How to Find the Best Truck”
  • Create lists: “The Five Worst Cars for Families”
  • Highlight or analyze recent car news

Want an example? Here's one post about modifying a Toyota Prius that's gotten some great interest.

All article submissions will be moderated and judged on overall quality:  readability, clarity, usefulness, etc.  Articles my be edited for style or length. And please remember to respect copyrights: if you don't own words or pictures, you don't have the right to steal them from others, and we won't publish them, either.

When an article is published, you’ll get an email telling you where we've published it. At the end of two weeks, we’ll drop names from every article published into a hat, select one, and announce our lucky winner.

The contest runs starting Monday July 20 and ends August 3.  At the end of that two weeks, we will pick a winner out of a hat from all those who submit an article that gets published by us. At the end of the two weeks, we’ll mail our winner a gift certificate good for an iPod Touch (pictured here).

All you have to do is write a great article that gets published and gets attention. Remember, the more articles you submit and we publish during the two weeks, the MORE chances you have to win.

On your marks...get set...go!