Honda has quietly entered the hybrid market by slowly adding additional models to their lineup of cars.  From the Insight, to the Civic, to the defunct Accord hybrid, they have covered most of the car segments.  Missing is a sporty hybrid.  They are set to release their CRZ Hybrid within a year, a replacement for the long gone CRX.  But what about those who want something even sportier.

Honda is considering providing an answer.  With the S2000 Roadster departing us as Honda has chosen to nix the model, they may consider a hybrid replacement.  According to a Japan's Best Car Magazine, Honda could release a vehicle they currently refer to as the FF-S2000.  They believe it will be powered by a 3.5liter V6 and carry all-wheel drive capability.  Apparently, Honda is considering using a KERS system that recaptures kinetic energy through the flywheel and the system could be in place with or without the company's IMA hybrid system.

Little else is known about Honda's sporty hybrid at this point.  We will continue to update you if we hear anything else.  Some think hybrids are all about economy, but Honda may be trying to prove that you can have performance and great gas mileage in one package.