Yeah, sure, it's an easy and cheap post. But we really are still finding ourselves tickled by the TV commercials for the 2010 Toyota Prius, all of them including hundreds of people-dressed-as-nature making up the backdrop.

We think the making-of-the-ad video is more interesting than any single ad, but it's fun to see how all those people in bright leotards get arranged and used. The first one, called "Harmony," is now rotating with a new ad, called "MPG".

As always, the tagline remains: "Harmony Between Man, Machine and Nature." But now that the company has introduced the tagline, it's time to start ticking off the car's actual selling points. First one for the 2010 Prius? Surprise, surprise, it's fuel economy!

And, hey, in the spirit of happy friendly giving people, take pity and watch the YouTube ad. At the time of posting, it's been viewed less than 100 times. Poor little thing ... :(