Where can you find a selection of some of the most desirable electric cars on the road today?  And where can you see those cars in action, racing head to head over mountains, up hills, and out on the open road?  The answer is the EVS-24 Viking Rally event.

The lineup of cars will make electric car enthusiasts lust with desire.  Cars on the list include Tesla Roadsters, Lampo from Protoscar, Plug-in PHEV Priuses, and Th!nk City's just to name a few.

The event takes place in Stavanger, Norway and features a mix of hydrogen power and fully electric powered vehicle which will compete in a series of events over the course of three days taking them from Oslo to the finish line in Stavanger.  The stages include hill climbs, slalom, and acceleration tests, just to name a few.

The event is part of the 24th Electric Vehicle Symposium and is present by Zero, KNA, Norstart, Hynor, and the Norwegian Automobile-Sport Federation.  The racing began on May 11th and will be completed on May 13th.

Racers from 8 different countries are on hand and the event includes several well known champions of racing.

To view a full list of cars and drivers as well as updates from the race, click the link below and go to the results page.

EVS Viking Rally Info

Source:  EVS Viking Rally