Expanding on their support of Greensgrow, a leader in the new trend of urban farming, Subaru announced today a new dealer-installed option for their Forester called the "Green Roof."

The Green Roof option will include 3" of soil and grass seed, or vegetation, to the customer's specifications. These green roofs have typically been found in urban settings on rooftops of buildings, but Subaru feels this is an excellent opportunity to add to its environmentally-friendly credentials.

Says the head of dealer installation, Ugarabe Kydingmee, "We are pretty confident this will work. We've has a couple of trial efforts using the roof rails as a perimeter, and so far most of the dirt has stayed on the car. The only problem so far has been in when we go to cut the grass - it's proven quite tricky using a regular mower."

Subaru's parts department is also gearing up for an upswing in sales of their new Speed Patch Turf Grass (or SPT Grass) and for those customers in desert climates, dealers will offer an Astroturf option instead.

Source: Subaru of America
(Please note: Subaru distributed this news in a press release with this verbiage at the end, "We at Subaru of America hope you have a happy April 1. Note to Editors: Not really. It's an April Fool's joke. We don't sell such a product and we don't advocate you try to put soil on top of your cars. The Legal guys made us add this."