Infiniti Essence concept

Infiniti Essence concept

We're suckers for fast hybrids even if they'll never make it to production. That's exactly what Infiniti Europe has on display at the Geneva Motor Show with the Essence Concept. It's a 592-horsepower rear-wheel drive, gasoline/electric hybrid coupe and its curves should make Beyoncé jealous.

The twin-turbo 3.7-liter V6 with direct injection provides 434-horsepower. A disk shaped electric motor between the gas engine and the transmission adds another 158-horsepower. The electric motor gets power from a compact lithium-ion battery pack in the trunk area. The two power plants can work independently or together based input from the driver's right foot. If you prefer style over substance, you'll be pleased to know that the Essence includes Louis Vuitton fitted luggage "to maximize trans-continental capability" in Infiniti's words.

The Essence is aptly named. Though this model will never be sold, it does represent the design language and powertrain of the future for Nissan's luxury car division. The long hood and short rear have already been incorporated in Infiniti's EX and FX models. The FX also has a prominent double-arch grill similar to that of the Essence.

As for the essence of Infiniti's future drive systems, yesterday, Francois Bancon, head of advanced product planning announced that all Infiniti models will be offered with parallel hybrid systems (like the one in the Essence) within the next ten years. The Japanese luxury carmaker known for performance and design envisions a more socially responsible future for itself. Hopefully fast hybrids we can buy will follow.

See video of the Essence Concept below.

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