Kate Walsh may be driving something altogether different in her future Cadillac commercials, but it could be just as sexy (the car, that is) as her CTS. Cadillac is expected to unveil an E-flex concept coupe at the upcoming auto show in Detroit. The concept is expected to look "bolder" than the highly anticipated CTS Coupe, and it will employ an E-flex powertrain similar to the one designed for the Chevy Volt.

The Volt's system would provide 40 miles of all electric driving with a total range of between 300 and 500 miles using the range extending gas engine. That's great, but the best part is that you may actually want to be seen in this vehicle (and not just because you need to brag about how small your carbon footprint is). One GM executive was quoted in Business Week as saying the styling will make "people want it regardless of the energy source."

If this car ever makes it to production, the real question becomes, "when you plug your car in, does it return the favor?" (A new commercial is probably in order.)