The Prius Owners Group web site is a fairly new Web site that promises good things for Prius Owners. The most active part of the web site so far is the blog where Prius information of all sorts is exchanged between members. Discussions are dynamic and filled with a variety of opinions. It’s good to see such a civilized debate about green vehicle issues as opposed to some sites where these discussions often fall into political name-calling. For the Prius owner, this alone makes the site well worth a look.

In the site is a section where Prius owners and other people of interest will be interviewed and published. To date no interviews are posted, but as mentioned, this is a young site. We’re hoping for good things to come in the future.

Next, a Road Trips section is included where Prius owners can schedule and organize road trips together. This is a great idea reminiscent of car clubs long ago. If they can pull this off, it will be a huge boon for the sense of community of Prius drivers. There are a couple scheduled, and hopefully more will be in the offing.

A Prius Gear Reviews section is another great idea. It’s a place where users can discuss various factory and aftermarket options and accessories. Stereo options, such as subwoofers and iPod connection adapters, as well as GPS navigation systems, are popular.

Finally a Prius stories section is included. There are no real definitions outlined as to the difference between stories and the blog, so it’s likely most users will continue to post their mini-stories in the blog as opposed to this currently empty section.

The Prius Owner’s Group website is a great concept and, while it is still in its infancy, appears to be catching on. Here’s hoping it snowballs into a wealth of information for Prius owners.