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Eric Evarts has been bringing topical insight to readers on energy, the environment, technology, transportation, business, and consumer affairs for 25 years. He has spent most of that time in bustling newsrooms at The Christian Science Monitor and Consumer Reports, but his articles have appeared widely at outlets such as the journal Nature Outlook,, US News & World Report, AAA, and and Alternet. He can tell readers how to get the best deal and avoid buying a lemon, whether it’s a used car or a bad mortgage. Along the way, he has driven more than 1,500 new cars of all types, but the most interesting ones are those that promise to reduce national dependence on oil, and those that improve the environment. Well, OK, compared to some old jalopy they might replace.


Lyft plans to give riders and drivers an electric lift

Lyft plans to give riders and drivers an electric lift

Lyft is the latest car-sharing company to sign onto an effort to make ride sharing cars more efficient. The post-millennial taxi service announced that it plans to introduce "thousands" of electric cars onto its platform and make it easy for riders to choose them using a new "Green Mode" in the...

February 7, 2019
Jay Leno drives the 2020 Mercedes-Benz EQC400

How important is it that your next electric car be made in the U.S.? Twitter poll results

As automakers scramble not to be left behind in the race to electric cars, nations are increasingly doing the same. It's looking more and more like electric transportation... read more February 6, 2019

Tour of Tesla battery gigafactory for invited owners, Reno, Nevada, July 2016

Tesla buys ultracapacitor company to boost energy density

Maxwell Technologies, a San Diego company that specializes in ultracapacitor energy storage, announced Monday that it is being bought by Tesla in a stock swap valued at $218... read more February 6, 2019

EPA Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler

Analysis: Wheeler says electric cars "not grounds for concern" at the EPA. Really?

The EPA may publish window stickers for all new cars that list their fuel efficiency, but it's not clear the agency's acting administrator has read them. At BloombergNEF's... read more February 6, 2019

2015 Mercedes-Benz V-Class equipped with AMG Line package

Solar primer, Tesla Powerpacks, Mercedes diesel lawsuit, GCR turns 10: Today's Car News

A longtime reader and plug-in car owner lays out an effective roadmap for going solar. Tesla and Electrify America reach an agreement to install Tesla stationary battery... read more February 5, 2019

2014 Mercedes-Benz E250 BlueTec 4Matic

Diesel lawsuit proceeds against Mercedes-Benz

While Volkswagen has reached a historic settlement and had to buy back hundreds of thousands of its diesel cars in the U.S., it isn’t the only automaker to be... read more February 5, 2019

Electrify America chargers at San Francisco Premium Outlets

Tesla battery packs coming to Electrify America chargers

Electrify America has been billed as a charging network to compete with Tesla's Superchargers. Now it turns out, they may be partners as well. In an announcement on Monday... read more February 5, 2019


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