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Eric Evarts has been bringing topical insight to readers on energy, the environment, technology, transportation, business, and consumer affairs for 25 years. He has spent most of that time in bustling newsrooms at The Christian Science Monitor and Consumer Reports, but his articles have appeared widely at outlets such as the journal Nature Outlook,, US News & World Report, AAA, and and Alternet. He can tell readers how to get the best deal and avoid buying a lemon, whether it’s a used car or a bad mortgage. Along the way, he has driven more than 1,500 new cars of all types, but the most interesting ones are those that promise to reduce national dependence on oil, and those that improve the environment. Well, OK, compared to some old jalopy they might replace.


Report: EPA backs off plans to freeze fuel economy rules–slightly

Report: EPA backs off plans to freeze fuel economy rules–slightly

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler announced Thursday that the agency will delay and revise its plan to freeze emissions and fuel-economy rules, which was expected to be released early this month. The proposed rule, the Safer Affordable Fuel-Efficient Vehicles Rule, would freeze fuel-economy...

April 12, 2019
Fisker flexible solid-state battery material

EV batteries give new jolt to old lithium mining in North Carolina

One of the biggest challenges for building electric-car batteries has been sourcing enough lithium, which is mostly mined overseas. Though the world has no shortage of... read more April 11, 2019

Volvo Polestar Engineered models

2020 Volvo XC60 T8, 2020 V60 T8 plug-in hybrids get Polestar Engineered performance

Lots of EV drivers know electric cars are fun to drive; why shouldn't plug-in hybrids be too? That's the approach Volvo is taking with its new 2020 XC60 T8 Polestar... read more April 11, 2019

2018 Tesla Model 3 Long-Range RWD

EV tax credit extension gets bipartisan juice in Senate

Despite President Trump's efforts to torpedo electric-car tax credits, extending them has become a bipartisan effort in the Senate. In the face of the tax credits winding... read more April 10, 2019

BMW i.FE18 Formula E racer, Ad Diriyah 2018

Kona Electric pricing, Ford charging software, Karma recall, EV racing: Today's Car News

Prices have gone up on the new 2019 Hyundai Kona Electric. Ford revealed new software and testing to determine optimal locations for public chargers. Karma gets hit with an... read more April 10, 2019

Duff Beer 1981 Jet Electrica 007 (Plymouth TC3)  -  Murilee Martin/24 Hours of Lemons

What kind of racing can best stoke interest in electric vehicles? Twitter poll results

Our readers may be having a change of heart when it comes to electric-car racing based on the results of our latest Twitter poll. In previous comments and surveys, readers... read more April 10, 2019

2012 Fisker Karma from the Rogers' Classic Car Museum collection

Karma gets hit with Fisker recall over airbags

The Takata air-bag inflator recall is the largest recall in automotive history and it's affected automakers from every corner of market. The latest is Karma, the maker of the... read more April 10, 2019


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