Lyle Dennis, Editor-in-Chief

Dr. Lyle Dennis conceived of as a place for like-minded people to convene to bear witness to and participate in the nascent electric car revolution.

Lyle is a neurologist and lifetime New Yorker who gained national recognition thorough his other site which has helped play a role in getting GM to move its Chevy Volt electric car concept into production.

He believes strongly in displacing petroleum as a fuel source for the US automotive fleet instead shifting to the electric grid for both energy diversity and reduced US petroleum dependence.

He continues to play an acitve role encouraging adoption, manufacture, and infrastructure development for electric vehicles.


Pure Electric Plane Takes to the Sky

Pure Electric Plane Takes to the Sky

Sure we are excited about electric cars and their ability to displace petroleum, but who wouldn't be thrilled about the idea of a pure electric plane? Since hasn't been started yet we might as well talk about it here. A few weeks ago a Chinese start-up called Yuneec...

August 25, 2009

Tesla Motors Achieves Profitability

On August 7th, Silicon Valley-based Tesla Motors announced that they have achieved profitability, something CEO Elon Musk had previously predicted would happen. In the month... read more August 7, 2009


Nissan Exec Predicts LEAF EV Will Outsell Prius

Even though the LEAF EV can only make it 100 miles before needing a recharge, and the Toyota Prius can drive limitlessy, Nissan predicts their electric car will outsell the... read more August 7, 2009

Nissan LEAF electric vehicle

Nissan Confirms it Will Begin Selling First 5000 LEAF EVs in 2010

The electric car karma has been very intense this August. First Nissan unveiled its LEAF EV, then the US government injected $2.4 billion into the EV industry, and most... read more August 6, 2009


GM Announces New Plug-in Hybrid Buick Crossover Set to Debut in 2011

Today General Motors announced it will be building a brand new plug-in hybrid Buick compact crossover. The new car is similar in styling and features to the popular Buick... read more August 6, 2009


Nissan and eTec to Partner on Largest Electric Car and Charging Station Deployment in US History

As part of the $2.5 billion recovery act funding awarded to the electric car industry, the Electric Transportation Engineering Corporation (eTec), ECOtality, Inc.(OTCBB... read more August 5, 2009

A123 logo

A123 Systems Gets $249 Million Government Grant to Build Battery Factory in Michigan

A123 is a Boston-based battery manufacturing company that has big plans to produce automotive lithium-ion cells in the USA. The company was formed from a lab at MIT where a... read more August 5, 2009


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