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EEStor is a company in Texas that has been working for several years to develop a proprietary new device called an electric storage unit (EESU). The devices relies on a special formulation of a powdered form of barium titanate that is alumina-coated and is so-called composition modified barium titanate (CMBT).

The proported devices have never been demonstrated publicly yet Zenn Motors of Canada already has an agreement to put them into electric cars, and Lockheed Martin has an agreement to use them in military applications.

What make EESUs so special is that they should be able to hold several times the energy of lithium-ion batteries at a fraction of the size, weight and cost, and have an infinite lifetime.

Today the company broke their usual stealth mode to report that their proprietary chemical achieved a permittivity milestone in thrid party lab testing. The means the chemical appears to be able to do what it is claimed to do.

Of course its not the same as a demonstrating a functional device, but one step closer.

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