Zinc-Air Battery

  • NantEnergy batteries with solar array

    Until now, solid-state lithium-ion cells have been the likely path forward for battery technology, potentially finding their way into some production vehicles by 2025. But one other battery possibility is increasingly looking viable for the near future: zinc-air. The firm NantEnergy has made some new and exceptional claims about its latest zinc air batteries: that they can be reliably recharged thousands of times, that the tech can be extended to cars in the future, and that they already clear the $100-per-kwh manufacturing-cost barrier—right now, in 2018. CHECK OUT: Electric-car...

  • Gas pump
    We’re Not Joking: You Might Soon Pump Electrons Like Gasoline

    As automotive journalists, April 1 is the day we get to let our collective hair down and write stories about cars that sound plausible, but are purely fictitious. All in the spirit of April Fool’s day, of course. But sometimes our April Fool’s pranks get a little close to reality, as...

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