• Nissan Leaf solar charging station on EA's SimCity game

    The Nissan Leaf is no stranger to videogames. Last year, we had a little race between a Leaf and the Toyota Prius--albeit in the realistic but completely virtual world of Gran Turismo 5. But what you can't do in Gran Turismo is virtually charge your virtual Leaf with virtual solar panels--something recently introduced to the popular SimCity series of games. SimCity is one of the longest-running series of games, having started back in 1989. It allows players to build and run a virtual city, and in the old games at least, chuck in the odd nuclear meltdown or Godzilla to make life difficult for...

  • 2012 Nissan Leaf appears in Gran Turismo Academy
    Online Nissan Leaf Could Kick-Start The Next Real Racing Career

    Until the last few years, there have only been two real ways of getting into motor racing. One is to have lots of money, and buy your way into a drive. The other is to work your way up from the bottom rungs, and hope you're talented enough to reach the next level. Oh, and also have lots of money...

  • Nissan website 'The Planet Zero'
    Nissan Envisions A Green Utopia In 'Planet Zero' Game: Video

    Have a few minutes to kill this Friday? Enjoy online games? Then you might like a walkthrough of Nissan's newest project, a "game-style promotion website" called "The Planet Zero". Nissan's website envisions a planet where everything runs on electricity generated by the sun and wind, and thus...

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