• 2013 Chevrolet Sonic RS

    For as long as we care to remember, U.S. roads have hummed to the tune of the V-6 and V-8. Low-stressed and powerful, we’ve used V-engines in everything from pickup trucks and hotrods to family sedans and crossover SUVS. Times, however, are changing. According to JD Power Associates (via Associated Press) more than half of the new cars and trucks sold between January and May this year were powered by 4-cylinder engines. That’s the highest market share the consulting firm has seen for the humble 4-cylinder engine since it started to track engine sales percentage in 1998. With the...

  • Nissan dual injector four-cylinder engine
    Small Four-Cylinder Engines Are Here To Stay

    There was a time when most car buyers looked on small capacity four-cylinder engines with distain. To them, unless an engine had 6-cylinders or more, it was over-stressed, underpowered and only fit for use in small European or Japanese economy cars. Nowadays, increases in gas prices, combined with...

  • Bernie Ecclestone
    Formula One Boss Ecclestone: "Electric F1 Could Kill People"

    F1 television rights boss Bernie Ecclestone has never been one to mince his words, and now his ire has turned towards the 2014 Formula One rules that will require pitlane travel to be entirely electric. Adding to comments made about the lack of sound produced by regular electric vehicles, Mr...

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