• 2013 Ford Focus Electric

    To launch its Chevrolet Volt range-extended electric car, General Motors chose to build and expand its very own battery lab. Crosstown rival Ford is taking a different route. According to the Detroit News, it will partner with the University of Michigan by helping to fund a laboratory where car makers can test prototype battery cells for future plug-in electric cars. The university is to announce the plan today. Total funding of $8 million will be split among the university's engineering department, Ford, and the Michigan Economic Development Corp. Ford now sells two types of plug-in...

  • University of Michigan Eco-Driving Index, October 2007 - July 2012
    Auto Emissions Fell 20% In 5 Years, But Don't Get Excited Yet

    This week, we received a press release from the University of Michigan with a stunning subject line: "Emissions from new vehicles down a record 20% in five years". "Okay", we thought, as we opened the email, "what's the catch?" As it turns out, that's a little complicated. Researchers at the...

  • Bolivian Lithium Mine
    Ford, U of M: “There’s Enough Lithium To Power Electric Cars Until 2100”

    As electric vehicles become more widely available, we’ve heard some pretty large horror stories detailing that the world’s supply of lithium - used in most modern electric car battery packs - is running out almost as quickly as the world’s oil supply. But a recent research project...

  • Ann Marie Sastry, CEO of startup lithium-ion cell maker Sakti3
    GM Ventures Invests In Startup Michigan Battery Cell Maker

    If nothing else, the new, post-bankruptcy General Motors is quicker moving than the old one. The latest proof? GM Ventures, its venture-investment arm, has quietly invested $3.2 million in Sakti3, Inc. Founded in 2007 and based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the company develops "next-generation"...

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