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  • Stealth Night Hawk Hunting ATV

    Electric car owners aren’t necessarily known for their love of hunting -- and those who hunt aren’t usually known for their love of electric cars either. After all, gun-toting, gas-guzzling, Russia-spying, former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin loves to hunt -- and her motto of “Drill Baby, Drill!” is about as far away from an electric car as you can get. While the chance of Mrs. Palin putting down a deposit on a brand new electric car seems slim to non-existent -- even though the home-built 2012 Chevrolet Volt launches in Alaska later this year -- some of her gun-toting...

  • detail of spy shot showing GM Two-Mode Plug-In Hybrid being tested in Saturn Vue mule
    GM Plug-In Hybrid Program Underway, Vehicle Still Unconfirmed

    Recent spy shots posted by our sister site Motor Authority show that despite delays, General Motors is continuing to develop the plug-in version of its Two-Mode Hybrid system. While the system is being tested in a discontinued Saturn Vue crossover, it now seems likely to appear in a version of...

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