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Road Race

  • Sun Country Highway electric-car charging station, Burnaby, BC, Canada [photo: Matthew Klippenstein]

    American Pharaoh may have won the 141st running of the Kentucky Derby earlier this month, but the winners of another race remains to be determined. That would be the third running of the E-Mazing Race, a competition across Canada for plug-in electric vehicles. The Derby may be "the fastest two minutes in sports," but the Canadian race deserves its own nickname--perhaps "the cleanest four weeks in motorsports"? This year, the E-Mazing Race started May 27th at the close of the EV2015VE Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Points for recharging (While there was an official starting line...

  • Rafael de Mestre's round-the-world Tesla [Image: 1e-race.com / @chargelocator on Twitter]
    Two Electric Cars, One Planet To Race Around: Who Will Win?

    Remember the two French guys in their Mitsubishi i (well, Citroen C-Zero)? Their eight-month, 15,500-mile journey in the tiny electric car is just one of many long-distance EV publicity drives we've seen, but certainly one of the longest. Naturally, they're not the only people to have thought of...

  • ESB ecars Nissan Leaf Cannonball team
    Quiet As A... Cannonball? Nissan Leaf Enters Road Trip

    While dozens of supercars will be revving up their engines ready for the start of Ireland's upcoming Cannonball Run, the ESB ecars team will be off to a much quieter start. The ESB team's 2011 Nissan Leaf is the first electric car to participate in the Cannonball Run which starts this Friday...

  • 2011 Tesla Roadster Spor 2.5 arrives in Edinburgh
    Range Anxiety? Brit Proves Electric Cars Can Go The Distance

    Yesterday we covered the unexpected electric car challenge from a Tesla fan to the BBC journalist driving the 400+ mile trip from London to Edinburgh in a prototype 2009 MINI E David Peilow, a regular at TeslaMotorsClub.Com, took some time off from his work to prove that not all electric cars were...

  • Formulec EF01 Electric Racing Car
    New Electric Car Race Series Lines Up On The Grid [Video]

    If you happen to indulge in the twin passions of both electric cars and motorsport, you'll no doubt have heard of series such as the TTX-GP for electric racing motorcycles that holds events all over the world. A similar series has been slow to emerge for electric cars but at the recent United...

  • Current Race Leader and Winner of the South African Solar Car Challenge 2008, the Tokai Challenger
    Getting Younger Generations Interested In Electric Cars

    Cape Town in South Africa has just hosted the end of a journey of almost 2,500 miles on solar, hydrogen or electric power. The race, the South African 2010 Solar Challenge, was won by Japan's Tokai Challenger, a solar-powered vehicle with a top speed of 100mph which has previously won the 2009...

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