Gone is the Joker grin, as well as the walrus mustache.

The new Karma GT by Pininfarina will show off its much sleeker facelift at Monterey Car Week next weekend in California.

The GT by Pininfarina, which made its first appearance at the Shanghai auto show in April, is a two-door coupe version of the Karma Revero sedan. The Revero itself is an updated Fisker Karma, built by the successor company (Karma), with a new engine, a new battery pack, and a new look for 2020.

The coupe is the first fruit of a new collaboration between Karma and classic Italian design house Pininfarina. It puts forward a much simpler look, with narrow headlights, a flowing, curved bumper, and more conventional air intakes above the splitter beneath.

Karma GT by Pininfarina concept

Karma GT by Pininfarina concept

Longer doors give the coupe more graceful proportions, and with its tiny back seat, the Revero loses little in practicality for the sacrificed rear doors. A contrasting black roof pulls the proportions together and finishes it off in a sleek arc.

Like the updated Revero GT, the GT by Pininfarina will use a turbocharged 3-cylinder engine from BMW along with a 28-kilowatt-hour battery pack that is expected to deliver electric range in the neighborhood of 65 miles before the 3-banger has to fire up. The combination is expected to generate 536 horsepower and acceleration of less than 4 seconds. 

Karma has not confirmed whether it will produce the GT by Pininfarina, but is working on a new electric SUV, which it says will arrive in 2021.