Odds and ends

  • Auriga Leader hybrid cargo ship

    In this day and age, when it comes to being green, looking at the end result is never enough. You have to take a life cycle approach to assessing how green something is, which in the case of cars, means looking at how they are manufactured and delivered to your driveway. Unfortunately, most cars produced overseas, including top selling hybrids like the Toyota Prius, are shipped over on huge cargo ships, the kind that produces as much air pollution as roughly 50 million individual cars. While automakers have little choice towards alleviating this issue, it’s good to see that Toyota, at...

  • 2011 HumanCar Imagine PS
    2011 HumanCar Imagine PS On Sale Next Year Priced From $15,000

    This odd-looking vehicle is the 2011 HumanCar Imagine PS, a car best described as an electric vehicle that can also be self-propelled, a kind of human-electric hybrid so to speak. Not only that but it’s also a mobile power generator with a 110 Volt AC out. HumanCar was started by Charles...

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