Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution XI

  • 2008 Mitsubishi Concept-RA

    Electrically-powered vehicles that match regular combustion cars for performance are no longer a surprise, many of those barriers eroded thanks to companies like Tesla Motors. Now it's the turn of the performance plug-in hybrid, with Mitsubishi's next Evolution model expected to deliver a 500-horsepower punch to match the high-tech Nissan GT-R. Mitsubishi has built decades of heritage on performance variants of its humble Lancer sedan. The Evolution badge first graced a Lancer in 1992, and in the intervening years Mitsubishi turned it into a championship-winning rally car and high-performance...

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    Mitsubishi Boss Confirms Hybrid Diesel Drivetrain Option For 2014 Evo XI

    Mitsubishi has already hit the headlines today after it announced an update to its engine technology to improve fuel economy across its range, but now U.K.-based Autocar says Mitsubishi Boss Osamu Masuko has confirmed that the next Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution will be powered by a diesel-electric...

  • Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X
    Mitsubishi Evo XI Going Diesel-Electric Hybrid?

    Yes, you read that title correctly. Mitsubishi’s next-generation Lancer Evolution is reportedly getting a diesel-electric hybrid powertrain in order to make it as fuel efficient as possible--a key factor to ensuring it meets tightening economy and emissions regulations while maintaining...

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