Mission One EV

  • Mission Motors Mission One electric motorcycle prototype

    Mission Motors, a manufacturer of electric powertrains that go in electric cars and motorcycles, announced today that it has raised $9 million in its second round of funding. Mission Motors makes powertrains, which are the drive units for electric cars that include a battery, charging system, inverter, motor, gearbox and associated software. The company then sells those powertrains to original equipment manufacturers like car and bike manufacturers. It has released some prototypes bikes like the Mission R, which set track speed records for electric bikes. But the company does not manufacture...

  • Mission One EV
    God's Gift to Electric Motorcycles: Mission One EV Sport Bike

    What happens when a Tesla Motors castoff and an award winning industrial designer join for a brainpower tryst? A freaking fast electric motorcycle is born. Mission Motors unveiled the world's fastest production all-electric motor cycle at TED2009 yesterday to googly eyes and slackened jaws. The...

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