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    McDonald's corporate colors may be red and yellow, but the fast food chain is much greener than you might imagine. For a start, it runs delivery trucks worldwide on biodiesel made from its own waste oil. It has also installed over thirty electric car charging points at restaurants around the country--now joined by the company's first fast-charger at a restaurant in Riverside, California. The Blink DC fast charger allows drivers to charge up to 80 percent capacity in only thirty minutes, but there are benefits for the restaurant too. Firstly, it's the only fast charger in the county--so it's...

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    McDonald's Trucks Travel Greener On Recycled Frier Oil

    The United Arab Emirates isn't known for its aversion to fossil fuels. The country has made its money from the stuff, and rapidly expanded in the last four decades into the vastly wealthy, oil-rich nation it is today. Yet as of December last year, McDonalds delivery trucks in the country have...

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    Want Electrons With That? McDonald's To Charge Electric Cars

    As many industry analysts will tell you, the switch to plug-in cars by the general public requires an increased support network of public charging stations. But while we’ve seen charging stations popping up at shopping malls, electronics retailers and even banks the fast food industry...

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