• Chrome exhaust pipe

    Anniversaries often provide an opportunity to reflect on important past events, review what has happened since, and reflect upon the future. April 2 of this year marks the 10th anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling in Massachusetts vs EPA in which the EPA was forced to regulate carbon emissions. The passing of this anniversary was marked by an April 21 presentation by lawyer James Milkey at the University Of Connecticut School Of Law conference on Climate, Carbon & Cars. DON'T MISS: EPA website axes climate-change pages, because science contradicts Pruitt policy goals Milkey argued the...

  • Grand Teton, Wyoming
    New bill in coal-producing Wyoming would ban renewable energy for utilities

    While renewable-energy use has grown substantially over the last few years, the regulatory environment remains volatile. Some states have worked hard to stimulate renewable energy, supporting infrastructure projects and offering incentives to consumers who install home solar arrays. But others have...

  • 2013 Tesla Model S
    Dumb Laws From States Banning Tesla Sales

    Those states that ban electric-car startup Tesla Motors from opening stores and selling cars online--including Arizona, Colorado, Texas, and Virginia--turn out to have a bunch of other really dumb laws on their books too.

  • Tesla Store Los Angeles [photo: Misha Bruk / MBH Architects]
    Ohio Car Dealers Sue To Block Tesla From Selling Cars In The State

    With legislation defeated, Ohio car dealers are turning to the courts to block Tesla's company-owned stores.

  • Carpooling
    North Carolina To Make Trip-Reduction 'Green' Laws Illegal

    Oh, North Carolina: Are you cutting off your nose to spite your face? That's the impression at least some commentators have gained on learning of a state bill that will become law on August 25, with or without the signature of Gov. Pat McCrory. The bill would invalidate Durham County's Commute Trip...

  • Supreme Court of the United States
    Supreme Court Won't Reverse EPA E15 Ethanol Rules

    The U.S. Supreme Court has been slow to rule on many of the biggest cases on this year's docket. Maybe that's because some of the justices are prone to procrastination, or maybe, like seasoned TV scriptwriters, they're just playing America like a violin, getting us all worked up for a rousing...

  • Tesla owners & supporters gather in Statehouse in Austin to support company [photo: John Griswell]

    Well, this is a new tactic we haven't seen before in the fight between franchised auto dealers and Tesla Motors, the Silicon Valley electric-car startup. A pair of bills in the New York State Legislature, backed by New York state auto dealers, would make it illegal to license or renew licenses for Tesla stores within the state. The bills, submitted now pending in the last days before the Legislature adjourns for the summer, would make it impossible for any state resident to buy a vehicle not sold by an independently-owned third party. Which is to say, a car dealer. UPDATE: As Bloomberg...

  • Carpool ad, 1940s: U.S. Office for Emergency Management, War Production Board
    CA: Electric Cars Get Carpool-Lane Access Til 2020, Plug-In Hybrids Til 2018?

    Owners of electric cars and plug-in hybrids enjoy plenty of benefits: tax breaks, lower fuel costs, and the satisfaction that comes from driving a low- or zero-emission vehicle, to name a few. In California, owners also enjoy easier commutes: they can apply for special stickers that allow them to...

  • 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid, Catskill Mountains, NY, Oct 2012
    Ford C-Max & Fusion Hybrid Gas Mileage Lawsuits Combined

    When journalists and buyers alike found they were struggling to hit Ford's gas mileage claims for the Fusion and C-Max hybrids, we knew it wouldn't take long for the situation to escalate. Ford now finds itself on the receiving end of a consolidated lawsuit from two Californian law firms, filing on...

  • Tesla's retail store concept
    Auto Dealer Groups Escalate Battle Against Tesla Stores

    If we had to pick one word to describe Tesla Motors, "audacious" would be at the top of the list. Not only did founder Elon Musk decide to build a car company, which in itself is pretty gutsy. He chose to create a car company that builds nothing but electric cars -- pricey, high-end electric cars...

  • 54.5 MPG CAFE standard for 2025
    U.S. House To EPA: We Won't Let You Set Emissions Laws

    With 2025's 54.5 mpg corporate average fuel economy standards set to be finalized towards the end of this year, carmakers will also have to meet a 34.1 mpg average by 2016. Alongside these economy targets, carmakers--and perhaps other businesses--will also be bound by the EPA's greenhouse gas...

  • Louisiana Superdome
    Alt-Fuel Vehicles Star In Louisiana's Latest Political Drama

    There's a storm a-brewin' in Louisiana over alternative vehicle tax credits. (There's a sentence that didn't end like you'd expect.) In 2009, the state legislature passed Act 469 (PDF), which offers a tax credit of up to $3,000 to anyone who purchases a low-emissions vehicle that runs on...

  • Scenes from dedication of electric-car charging station at Creekside Inn, Palo Alto, CA

    Earlier this week we told you about the Danish town refusing to allow charging station and battery provider Better Place from installing charging points unless it painted them green. Now the electric car craziness has headed south to France, where officials at the French Ministry for the Environment have detailed guidelines which could dramatically affect the way in which electric car charging stations are deployed and used throughout France. If implemented at its most severe, the guidelines could lead to laws allowing only one public charging station per floor of a public parking garage, or...

  • Casey Neistat pleads his case on YouTube. Image: Casey Neistat
    Always Stay In The Bike Lane, Even When You Can't: Video

    Cops ticket a Manhattan bicyclist, but #fail to do the same for all the hurdles he captures in a YouTube viral video.

  • Traffic
    Car-Crazy CA No More: Air Resources Board Wants to Cut Miles Traveled

    Think California is the land of fast-flowing freeways and drop-top driving under the endless sun? Think again. The California Air Resources Board is now writing rules to implement a law passed two years ago that will require regional reductions in vehicle miles traveled. In other words, the state...

  • Charging Cord
    New Maryland Laws Helps EV Uptake, Reduce Commuting Time.

    The Washington D.C. metropolitan area is one of three key markets for the roll-out for the current wave of electric cars and yesterday residents of Maryland were given a whole new set of incentives to go electric. Democratic Governor Martin O'Malley signed two historic bills into state law to give...

  • 2010 Toyota Prius
    Prius Patent Problems? Trade Panel to Investigate Infringement Claim

    A U.S. trade panel has agreed to investigate claims that Toyota infringed privately held patents in designing its hybrid electric vehicles. Toyota is widely acknowledged to be the industry leader in hybrids, having sold more than 2 million globally since 1997. If the allegations are upheld by the...

  • Elon Musk in the shadows at the Tesla Model S launch party, New York City, April 2009
    Tesla Battle Gets Uglier: Founder Eberhard Sues CEO Elon Musk

    The 2009 Tesla Roadster is an absolute blast to drive. It will make an electric-car fan out of every single person who drives one, or even rides shotgun. The company that makes the car, however, is not such a blast. In its short 7-year life, Tesla has had many missteps, multiple CEOs, layoffs...

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