• Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid

    Denmark is one of the more progressive countries in the world where renewable energy is concerned. They've already partnered with Better Place and Nissan to build a charging infrastructure in support of widespread adoption of electric vehicles. They currently meet 20% of their energy needs with wind. Now the Danes will tie those two concepts together with a "vehicle-to-grid" experiment. Denmark's wind turbines could provide 40% of their required power, if not for nature's unpredictability. If all of the turbines were operational at all times, strong winds could overload the electricity grid...

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    Malta and IBM Announce Smart Grid Plans

    One small island nation off the coast of Italy is about to become the test case for countrywide smart-grid technology. Malta and IBM have agreed on a plan to digitize the country's electrical grid and water system. In a place with over 1700 vehicles per square mile, climate change is a very...

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