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  • Mahindra Reva NXR electric car (Image: Mahindra)

    If there's a more vilified electric car than the Reva G-Wiz, we're not aware of it. The Indian electric quadricycle has been the butt of jokes for years, with everything from its poor performance, circus clown car looks and concerns over safety coming in for criticism. Nothing lasts forever, and Reva owners Mahindra are set to launch its successor, the NXR, in the home Indian market later this year. The NXR has been on the drawing board for a few years and should cure many of the G-Wiz's ills, including the styling--though as you can see, it's still no looker. Reva has hopefully taken steps...

  • G-Wiz charging in the U.K.
    Fatal G-Wiz Crash: Victim Was On Phone, Not Using Seatbelt

    We brought you news last year of a horrific accident, in which a woman was killed when her G-Wiz neighborhood electric vehicle, a model not sold in the United States, was struck by another vehicle. An inquest into the accident has now ended and the verdict has been given as accidental death. Last...

  • Early Reva G-Wiz
    EXCLUSIVE: What Killed The Electric Car? For G-Wiz, Other Electric Cars

    It’s been a mainstay of British eco-chic for nearly a decade, but the little Indian four-wheel ‘car’ which can be found buzzing around the streets of London will no longer be sold in the U.K. In an email earlier on today addressed to all G-Wiz owners Rudi Schogger, MD of...

  • First 2011 Nissan Leaf delivered to buyer, San Francisco, Dec 2010, photo by Eugene Lee
    Our Popular Stories of 2010: LEAF, Recharging, Myth Busting

    We’re just two days away from 2011, the year many industry experts are terming the year of the electric car, but 2010 hasn’t been a slow year for electric cars. We’ve seen new models launched, records broken and even the Pope show an interest in going electric. But over the course...

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