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  • 2013 Tesla Model S P85 service loaner vehicle [photo: David Noland]

    A few months ago, some minor glitches in my 2013 Tesla Model S were fixed at the Tesla service center in White Plains, New York. It was a perfectly satisfactory experience, pretty much like any other service visit: Drive to the shop, read magazines for a couple of hours, get the car back, drive home. The notable differences: a longer drive (about 45 minutes each way), a mechanic who took the time to talk to me in person, and no blaring television in the waiting room. Not bad, as far as servicing your car goes. Still, it was a wasted, boring day. ALSO SEE: Life With Tesla Model S: Trying Out...

  • 2012 Tesla Model S beta vehicle, Fremont, CA, October 2011
    Tesla Model S Service Contract: $600/Year, Or Warranty Voided

    One big advantage of electric cars is reduced maintenance. With no internal combustion engine, there is no oil to change, no exhaust system, no transmission, no myriad of moving parts to break or wear out, and no air or fuel filters to clog up. With regenerative braking, brake pads last virtually...

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