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  • Teaser for Fisker Ocean electric SUV

    A decade ago, Fisker and Tesla were two electric-vehicle hopefuls, and it was looking like Fisker might have the better chances of success. While history certainly didn’t play out that way, it’s an odd twist that Henrik Fisker’s new venture, Fisker Inc., has dropped a teaser for its first product—a fully electric SUV—into the afterglow of last week’s Tesla Model Y electric SUV introduction. In an announcement of the yet-unnamed vehicle released this morning, Fisker notes that in the new model, “emotion-stirring design is combined with a...

  • Fisker EMotion
    Fisker gets Caterpillar investment for solid-state battery tech

    Henrik Fisker has been sketching out big plans—well beyond cars—for the solid-state battery technology being developed by a Fisker Inc. team. And now it appears that the heavy-equipment maker Caterpillar has given it some vote of confidence. On Oct. 22, both companies announced that a...

  • Fisker EMotion
    Before Fisker EMotion luxury electric sedan debut, founder touts future solid-state battery

    As they say, it's what's inside that counts. That's doubly so for Fisker, Inc., the second auto company founded by famed automotive designer Henrik Fisker. The first declared bankruptcy; its new Chinese owners renamed it Karma. In an interview with Car and Driver, Fisker (the man) claims...

  • Fisker EMotion
    Fisker still aims at solid-state electric-car batteries, as patents attest

    At first, Fisker had promised its upcoming EMotion electric sedan would launch with revolutionary solid-state batteries. The company then backtracked in June, saying the technology would not be ready. Instead, the EMotion will launch with conventional lithium-ion batteries. Fisker announced on...

  • Fisker EMotion
    Fisker EMotion electric luxury sedan to be shown at CES in January

    Henrik Fisker, legendary automotive designer and the man behind the now-defunct Fisker Automotive company, is getting ready for his grand return to the industry. Spearheading the return will be the Fisker EMotion, which will arrive from the designer's new company, Fisker Inc. Although we only have...

  • Teaser for Fisker EMotion debuting on August 17, 2017
    Fisker: about those graphene electric-car batteries? Never mind

    Fisker's promise to bring advanced, solid-state graphene cells to the battery pack of its upcoming Emotion electric car is officially dead. Automotive-grade graphene batteries have yet to be perfected, but Fisker was poised to become the first company to utilize the technology. The batteries...

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