Last year Tron: Legacy, the remake of the 1982 classic film Tron hit cinemas around the world. 

Following the story of Sam Flynn as he tries to find his lost father who disappeared twenty years earlier, Tron: Legacy received mixed reviews from fans and critics alike. 

But while the reboot of the pioneering Disney classic may not have been to everyone’s tastes some elements of Tron: Legacy have proven very popular among fans, causing Parker Brothers Choppers to recreate its Light Cycle as a full-sized, working, electric motorcycle. 

According to Autobloggreen, the all-electric replica has a claimed range of 100 miles, a top speed of 100 miles-per-hour, and a recharge time of 35 minutes. When you consider that there’s only one motorcycle on the market at the moment capable of such impressive performance, the custom motorcycle is certainly not just a prop. 

Combine the performance with a custom frame, blue night-time lighting strips and huge 22-inch dual hub-less wheels and it’s bound to make every Tron fan drool. 

This isn’t the first time that Parkers Brothers Choppers has made a replica of the Tron:Legacy Light Cycle -- but previous models were powered by gasoline. 

Selling for $55,000, the original gasoline-powered Light Cycle wasn’t cheap, and the team behind the electric version haven’t disclosed the price. 

Instead, Parkers Brothers Choppers are giving the replica away in an online social media competition. 

To take part, entrants have to submit a video to the firm detailing why they should be given the Light Cycle. Full details of how to do that are at the Parker Brothers Choppers website.


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