• Chevrolet EN-V Concept, autonomous two-seat urban electric car, October 2011

    It's been a big morning for General Motors, with news coming left and right from its big media event in Detroit to celebrate Chevrolet's 100th birthday. In addition to confirming the 2013 Chevy Spark minicar and its all-electric Spark EV model, GM has announced a new Trailblazer sport-utility vehicle, a ZL1 Camaro convertible, a family of new and highly fuel-efficient three- and four-cylinder gasoline engines, and various other models. But one announcement got a bit lost. GM also said it would continue to evolve its EN-V autonomous electric urban two-seat personal transportation vehicle, and...

  • poster from Audi Urban Future conference, Frankfurt, September 2011
    Audi Urban Future Initiative: Smaller, Smarter, Autonomous, Linked Cars

    Put a group of urban planners, architects, and sociologists on a panel to discuss transportation in the cities of the future, and you may find they don’t spend much time talking about cars. Instead, you get statements like, “The megacity of the future desires to be a generous knowledge...

  • 2010 GM EN-V Concept
    Remember GM's Autonomous Pod Cars? GPS Has To Catch Up First

    We've always been intrigued by the EN-V autonomous pod cars proposed by General Motors. Maybe they harken back to the happy futurism of the Fifties, or maybe it's just that they're the first total reinvention of wheeled personal transit in quite a while that makes inherent sense. Prototyped more...

  • General Motors EN-V autonomous electric two-seat concept, 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show
    Video: GM's Two-Seat Autonomous Electric EN-V Spins Into Action

    To comply with upcoming gas mileage rules, automakers will launch appealing and economical compact or subcompact cars in the U.S. market over the coming years. But car designers are thinking far smaller yet. At the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show two weeks ago, General Motors showed off an operating...

  • 2010 GM EN-V Concept
    PUMA Derived EN-V Concepts Debut Shanghai World Expo

    GM Stays On the Leading Edge Of Personal Transportation

  • 2010 GM EN-V Concept
    GM's Future City-Car Vision: Autonomous, Electric, Two-Wheeler

    What does personal transportation look like in a new century, when more than 60 percent of the world's citizens live in cities and the number of vehicles on the globe could rise to 2 billion? Would future urbanites accept the idea of moving around in pod-shaped electric two-seaters with only two...

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