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  • Carbon Motors E7

    Log one more startup car company the U.S. Department of Energy has declined to fund. The latest entry on the lengthening list that includes Virtual Vehicles Co. (renamed NextCar), Aptera Motors, and Bright Automotive is Carbon Motors of Connersville, Indiana. The five-year-old startup proposed to build a carbon-fiber police cruiser, solely offered to law enforcement buyers, and power it with a diesel engine sourced from BMW. Carbon had unveiled its E7 four-door sedan, featuring an aluminum space-frame, four-wheel independent suspension, and 50-50 weight distribution, late in 2008. That same...

  • Carbon Motors E7
    Carbon Cop Cars To Go Green With BMW Clean Diesel Engines

    Many European countries use BMW sedans as patrol and pursuit cars. Now, BMW says it will sell more than 240,000 engines to U.S. police-car startup Carbon Motors for that company's cruiser. The big shock? They're diesel engines. Specifically, BMW's 3.0-liter twin-turbo straight-six clean diesel, as...

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