C30 Electric

  • Volvo C30 Electric Arctic Test Drive

    Last week, we headed to Kiruna, Northern Sweden, where Volvo showed us just how its C30 electric car coped with harsh winters in the frozen arctic. Thanks to an interview with Volvo C30 Electric program manager Annelie Gustavsson, we’ve already explained the theory of keeping the C30 and its occupants warm and functional in extreme cold. Now it’s time to tell you how the car fared in a real-life situation. While the weather in Kiruna regularly dips to below -20 degrees Fahrenheit during the middle of winter, our visit coincided with a heat wave of 30 degrees. To give us a taste of...

  • Volvo flywheel Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS)
    Flywheel KERS Boosts Gas Mileage By 20 Percent, Volvo Says

    It's interesting to see the variations among green technologies as automakers, both in production cars and motorsports, strive for greater fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. The most common means for automakers to boost gas mileage thus far have been hybrid-electric technology and turbodiesel...

  • Inductive battery charging illustration from Volvo
    Volvo Tests Inductive Charging (Just In Time For The C30 Electric)

    EV automakers face an uphill road. Not only do they have to make great looking cars that offer all the amenities of their gas-engined equivalents, but they've also got to assuage public concerns about the EV charging infrastructure -- an infrastructure that lies largely outside their control. Now...

  • Volvo C30 Electric
    Volvo C30 Electric: For Lease, At More Than $2,000 Per Month?

    Would you pay more than two grand a month to drive an electric Volvo? Apparently, the automaker thinks that there are at least a few people or businesses that will. Volvo Cars Special Vehicles president Lennart Stegland said that Volvo plans to offer the C30 Electric for lease—at a price of...

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